We created the world's first CPA Hub: affiliate network and direct advertiser

We work in 184 countries

2787 own CoD offers

Traffic of CoD offers is the easiest to convert to leads. Approval is the consent of the purchase, but not the actual payment for the goods. The client fills in a simple short form and confirms his intentions to the call center operator.

Processing  50k
of leads per day

For partners - the best conditions for earnings

  • Localized working bundles with high profits
  • Each geo has call centers with native operators
  • Real-time statistics for tracking leads
  • Personal manager and support 24/7
our advantages in practice.

What is special about collaboration with Terra Leads?

  • Localize the creatives for the right geo
  • Explore discounts on partner services
  • Connect transparent tracking system
  • Optimizing advertising with API and Postback
  • Quickly process leads in our own call centers
  • Add new geos and offers at the request of partners

Earn not only cash, but also bonuses in 

Terra Leads partners always get more!
For each confirmed lead, we make generous payments, and also add t-coins. Having collected enough of them, make an exchange for any present you like: among them are electronics, entertainment devices, cars and even a helicopter!


CPA Partners Hub means well-established business processes from production to implementation and logistics:
Large partners network in Europe, USA, Asia and CIS
More than 300 managers who are available 24/7
Our own production. Certified products in Europe
Yevhenii Mykytenko
TerraLeads CEO

About CPA Hub

At this stage we have a huge desire and motivation to change a situation in the CPA market, using our stack of technologies, opportunities and experience.

A huge desire and motivation to change the situation in the CPA market moves us forward

That's what inspired us to create the first in the world CPA community, namely CPA Partners Hub. This means that it's a certain center responsible for all aspects of interaction, which protects both our partners and customers. This allows us to concentrate completely on the market, so our partners may not worry about their reputation and ROI (return on investments).

The basis for the CPA Hub were the innovations, which helped build a productive interaction with the partners.

We deployed the resources to stimulate their growth, helping with localization and targeting. As a results, they are able to create more effective advertising strategies and easily scalable ad campaigns leveraging all available communication channels.

Constant consultations provided by our account managers help us achieve all of the above mentioned. The majority of them are the residents of the country where the products are provided. So, for example, if you are doing business in Italy, you will get a full information about all possible communication channels in this geo, and up to different slangs and mentallity in this region.

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Yevhenii Mykytenko
CEO TerraLeads
Our mission —
is to develop the global
CPA market & we can't do
without some fresh blood :)
How the idea of the CPA Hub was born? And why the Hub?

At this stage, we have a huge desire and motivation to change the situation in the CPA market, using our stack of technologies, opportunities, and experience. That’s what inspired us to create the first in the world CPA community, namely CPA Partners Hub. This means that it’s a certain center responsible for all aspects of interaction, which protects both our partners and customers. This allows us to concentrate completely on the market, so our partners may not worry about their reputation and ROI (return on investments).

A huge desire and motivation to change the situation in the CPA market moves us forward

The basis for the CPA Hub were the innovations, which helped build a productive interaction with the partners. We deployed the resources to stimulate their growth, helping with localization and targeting. As a results, they are able to create more effective advertising strategies and easily scalable ad campaigns leveraging all available communication channels.

Constant consultations provided by our account managers help us achieve all of the above mentioned. The majority of them are the residents of the country where the products are provided. So, for example, if you are doing business in Italy, you will get a full information about all possible communication channels in this geo, and up to different slangs and mentallity in this region.

We’ve got a big multinational staff of account managers who are the residents of the countries where our products are represented. This helps us provide our partners with the consultations regarding different important aspects of the advertising market of a given country, as well as the most actual communication channels and the peculiarities of the mentality and slang.

We are proud of the products we manufacture in-house. We take full control over the entire chain of production, which starts with the idea of product creation and proceeds with its promotion and delivery to the end customer. All of them are produced in Europe in accordance to our special orders. Moreover, all of the products pass all clinical tests and meet all European standards. As a result, we achieve the highest quality of our products that do bring benefit to our end customers. This is especially beneficial for our partners, as it’s much easier to advertise high-quality products, which people are already aware of, so the likelihood that they make an order multiplies a couple of times. This has its positive impact on our partners’ ROI and helps avoid losses.

In my opinion, CPA Hub TerraLeads is a quality new level of doing affiliate business today. And with the innovative technologies we are constantly introducing, we are targeting at bringing the CPA market to the new level of higher income, trust, and quality.
Besides that, we have special programs for beginners provided by our own arbitrage team. They prepare all necessary educational materials and provide consultations and recommendations where it’s better to start so you can earn, while making your first steps in the CPA business.

Volumes grow faster than we manage to recruit new staff
What are the challenges that you might face while implementing the project?

— The biggest challenge we face regards to scaling. But we successfully cope with it. Volumes grow faster than we manage to recruit new staff.

Another challange is that we recently started getting 1500 orders instead of the 1000 expected ones. Due to this, the load on the local call-centers has increased greatly. But we don’t waste a minute to hire new operators.
We are also not always secure of technical malfunctions. Every our call-center is autonomous, there might be electrical power interruptions, so the calls could hang and not make records. We realize that such nuances can disrupt the work of a call-center for some time, so our task is to prevent or at least quickly repair the damage.

Another challenge is many orders coming on weekends. So here’s what we did — we found and hired operators who agreed to work on Saturdays and Sundays.

One more thing is that many orders are placed in the nighttime. And in Europe, every second customer expresses their dissatisfaction about being called at night (though the order might be placed 2 minutes ago). So we inform the users that they can be contacted within 10-15 minutes at any part of the day.

Also there are problems with calls at night. In Europe every second expresses dissatisfaction if he is called at night even if the application was left 2 minutes ago. We warn users that if they leave the application after 10 o’clock in the evening, the operator can contact them within 10-15 minutes.

What does differ the CPA Hub TerraLeads from the CPA COD networks? What are your advantages?

— We are the advertiser and we do not promote the products other than of our own production. This makes us a manufacturer responsible for our own product. The products, in turn, prove to be high-quality offers, so there are no negative comments from their previous users.

CPA Hub also offers a possibility to create your own product so there is no competition between you and other publishers. You send us an idea of the product, and we handle such issues as creating the formula, negotiating on legal matters, and its actual production.

We work legally and transparently. We protect ourselves as an advertiser from all sides by offering high-quality products that are certified in Europe. We believe that if we sell in Europe, then we must produce there and not fill in the market with Chinese fakes.

We constantly proofread the content on our landing pages. For this purpose, there is a team of 13 managers who know the languages of the countries we are represented in. First, the manager proofreads the texts, then we hand them over to lawyers to eliminate anything that might be a subject to question from the legal side.

We have a team of managers from 13 countries who know the native language of a given country

The very idea of the Hub is not just about the network that would work as a buffer exchange. We position ourselves as a private community. And it doesn’t mean we are «too private», we simply emphasize a personal approach to every partner.

Every partner can get all necessary consultations and talk to me in person. We also have a market guide where all the steps that you should make are described, as well as the difficulties you might face. All of this information is available to all of our partners.

We are open to all of our partners. I try to communicate with everyone personally on Skype, so they know me and know who they work with. If there are partners from Kiev or when they come from other cities, I am always glad to meet them.

It is very pleasant for them when CEO comes meeting them, it results in more trust and respect. This is a true European approach where the human-to-human approach is valued much.

When do the partners start getting a payback from their investments in the CPA Hub? Are there any guarantees?

— Everything is individual. There are partners who buy expensive traffic from the teaser networks. Their approval rate is very high — nearly 50-60%. Accordingly, we can give them 50% guarantee in case there are any technical malfunctions. Besides that, many affiliate programs provide payouts once a week. We let our partners withdraw their money every day, upon their request.

How soon is it possible to make conclusions about the payability? We provide realtime statistics. So the partner can see the amount of calls and their status — an approve or a bounce. Our bounce rate is very low, and our approve rate is always around 90%.

How do you achieve being demanded by the affiliates?

— We simply tell the whole truth. If there are any complications with some countries, we inform our partners about that beforehand. As well as we warn about possible problems with the local call-centers.

We are always ready to compensate some expenses for traffic in case of force majeure. And the main thing — is that we maintain our reputation owing to our high-quality products.

What is the selection criteria for the future partners of the CPA Hub?

— Many of our partners we know personally. Our selection process is mainly based on the personal talk. We don’t provide any severe control like «If you don’t make 100 leads per day, you are not interesting for us». We know that every affiliate can grow from 100 to 1000 leads per day and become one of our top partners. We have a partner who knew nothing about running traffic on Facebook. But we consulted him and he started bringing really great results. And when some of his ad accounts got blocked, but we didn’t turn our back on him, on the contrary, we helped him to get his accounts unblocked and reach the same volumes again. We don’t give up on anyone, as all of us are one big team.

What interest, apart from the financial one, is there to join the Hub?

— It is a human factor. All affiliates and partners work from home. We don’t communicate in te style like «Where are the orders actually?», we quickly respond to messages. Our partners understand that they are important. They don’t even want to move anywhere else because they feel comfortable working with us. I give my personal number to everyone and I try to stay always connected. Regarding the trainings of the newbies, even if someone didn’t pass the first stage, it is most likely he will study for another month and them come back to us. It doesn’t happen the way that if someone didn’t pass the moderation, no one will write him again.

Are there any risks on the partners of customers side while working with the CPA Hub?

— The most widespread risk our partners might face is spending $1000 on advertising, and having generated 100 leads, and only 20 of them having the approved orders. So they are left with minus $200. The main metric for them is the approval rate. This can also happen due to different reasons. For example, due to the ad campaign being launched at the nighttime. We are already optimizing all the processes. Our partners get paid beforehand and if the buy-out is low, that’s we who take all the risks.

Our customers don’t have any risks at all. They are protected by the consumer law. They can return the product or contact us.

What else do you plan to impress your partners with? What innovations are awaiting them?

— We plan to cover all niches. We also produce products upon request. One of our partners asked to manufacture corsets — they are already produced.
We also have plans to create our subsidiary project — own teaser network.

We plan the subsidiary project — separate teaser network.

One more innovation that was launched 2,5 months ago is TerraStore. This is our gifts store. For every confirmed order our partner gets a definite amount of t-coins that he can exchange for valuable gifts in the TerraStore. The variety of presents is huge — from Power Banks to a BMW electric car. This means that after just a year of working, apart from your main income, you can get a car! We have chosen an electric car as we know that soon Europe will adopt the laws by which the cars run on diesel oil will not be allowed.

Team of TerraLeads
head of development department
head of affiliate management department
affiliate manager
affiliate manager
Realtime statistics & a huge set of tools for deep analysis
Integration via API
Calls detalization (comments, amount of calls, etc)
Extensive system of analytics
Domain Parking
Global PostBack
Banners rotator
Possibility to upload own creatives, landing and transit pages
Multilingual system
Built-in protection against fraud and duplicates
Instant payouts everyday
Earn with us,
get t-coins*
and change them for
guaranteed gifts
No lottery.
No time limits.
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Macbook Pro Touch 2.9 Ghz 512GB
Sony PlayStation 4 Pro - 1TB

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