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What affects revenue the most?


Small business

You may not want to buy a lot of goods to avoid them going to waste in the warehouse. Alternatively, due to a small turnover you have only 1–2 operators working for you, so you have low traffic and no opportunity to earn more, therefore you cannot buy or produce more goods.


We will take over order processing as we have our own call centre with professional operators. Focus on scaling up and we will help you handle the orders.


Low order redemption rate

This may be due to long order processing times, including delays by the courier company. The faster the order is delivered to the customer, the higher the redemption rate will be.


We have our own logistics system, so we can process and deliver orders to your customers quickly.


Low lead approval

Your call centre operators may have poor communication or not strong enough scripts. Performance can also be weak if managers call at inappropriate times. Also, problems on lendings can have a negative impact. For instance, the website promises one thing, but the manager on the phone promises another.


We can analyse your processes and advise you whether you need to make new landing pages to increase approval, use different scripts or fix some other problem.


Unstable order flow

Maybe your rates are too low and partners do not want to work because you offer little money, while competitors with the same products and geos offer higher rates.


We can help you increase the average cheque per customer. Then you will earn more and will be able to give higher rates to partners, respectively, to establish an erratic flow of orders.


Fraudulent traffic

A percentage of orders are not being fulfilled because of dishonest affiliates. Maybe you lack analytics and fail to verify web sources for redemptions, so you find the problem too late or do not see it at all.


You need to work only with trusted partners and check traffic early on. Our qualified call centre operators can help you do this, and they can identify fraud right away.

We will HELP YOU to solve all the above!

Conducting a full business audit by our expert account managers.

Making customised landing pages and promotional materials.

Launching advertisements that hit the right target audience.

Supporting and adjusting average cheque to increase margin.

Selecting the best sales model depending on region and product: COD, SS or Trial.

COD allows customers to pay for the product upon delivery.

In the SS model, customers pay on the landing page and the product owner gets paid immediately.

Trial model gives a free initial product unit and customers pay for delivery only. They must agree to pay for the next unit.

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